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Best Themes for Windows 10

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With beautiful themes of Windows 10, you can modify your Windows experience as per your taste. Themes can make Windows a special place for you. After customizing everything as per your preferences, you can notice dramatic changes in your creativity.

Windows theme is also known as Windows Skin. However, these are similar things, but you can notice a minor difference. A 3rd party software is often referred to as a skin. A theme features some modifications to change the visual appearance of Windows 10.

If you need pleasant changes in the desktop background, desktop icons, and mouse cursor, you can try one of these themes. Feel free to choose anything as per your choices, such as sports, celebrities, automobiles, architecture, and nature.


  1.    GreyEve Theme

Dark themes are becoming popular for providing white texts on dark backgrounds. With a dark theme, you can decrease extra light and glare coming from the computer screen. The extra light can be distracting at night in your dark room. If you don’t want to change the interface of Windows GreEve can be a great theme for you. There will be a change in color only.

  1.    Mac OS Theme

For Mac or PC users, this theme can be a great choice with Mac aesthetic. The OS X Mac EI Captain theme can combine Windows 10 and Mac UI convincingly. This theme can confuse anyone. You can download dark or light version of this theme as per your preferences.

  1.    Themes of Old Versions of Windows

If you have nostalgic feelings for the old designs of Windows, you can reverse the time with this theme. You can get the look of Windows 95 or XP through this theme. The theme will not affect the functionality of your system. You can easily use the whistles and bells of the latest windows with older aesthetic.

  1.    Diversityx VS

With this theme, you can get a darker scale to revamp the design of your windows. The theme can give an appealing, classy and professional look to your system. If you have to work in dark rooms, you can work with this theme. Diversityx VS is special for its subtle and subdued color scheme.

  1.    Oxford Theme

If you need something clean and simple, Oxford can be an excellent choice for you. The clean cuts and lines remind you of pencil drawings for simple icons. The lines make this theme easy on your eyes. With this theme, you can customize the digital world.

  1.    Anime Themes for Windows 10

For anime fans, particular anime themes are available. Fortunately, themes are designed with different amines. It is easy to find a theme with your favorite cartoon or anime character. The theme may have a collection of wallpapers with some game characters. For instance, an overload theme has wallpapers with Albedo, Ainz, Shallter, etc.

  1.    Flattastic Theme

If you need a simple, minimalistic and pretty theme, you can go with Flattastic theme. The theme complements Windows 10 with its soft colors. These colors are more relaxing for your eyes. With this theme, you can customize your digital world.


  1.    Silk

Silk theme can turn your simple computer in an artistic piece. With this beautiful theme, you can customize the main features of your computer like the appearance of icons and colors. Users are allowed to rearrange the folders to make them look like card stacks.

  1.    Skin Pack of Ubuntu

Anyone who loves the interface of Ubuntu can get the advantage of this theme. With this theme, you can get the power to change the interface of the Windows operating system. Ubuntu theme allows you to make changes in different aspects, such as icons and color.

  1.    Vanilla

Clarity and simplicity are two essential features of this skin. The sky blues dominate the background of this skin. Vanilla doesn’t have defined borders, so you can consider it for cloud computing.

If you are a nature lover, you can download FootPaths theme. This theme is available with 11 wallpapers. Every wallpaper depicts natural elements. People often underestimate the importance of a theme for Windows. Keep it in mind that a beautiful theme can enhance your working environment. Different colors, designs, and amines can affect your eyes and creativity.