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Basics For A Website To Rank Well In SERPs

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There are tools and a lot of effort required for this motive. What do you need for a good website? Quality content and the right keywords? Well, that’s not all!  The first thing you need to look at is your domain name that does it go by the content you have on a website or not, later comes development area which should contain files and images in compressed format. For development files, GZIP compression is used by the hosting, so the browsers download the websites GZIP file, decompress it and display results.

Same goes with the images; the size affects the speed, so keep them smaller. This not only saves a lot of bandwidth but saves a lot of time and by the time I mean the surfing speed of your website which is staggeringly improved. You don’t have to wait for a page to load and you must have a sitemap in order to help Google’s crawlers index your site.

Competition in Businesses

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There are a lot of websites over the internet which has the same business, and the competition is all about services, keywords, and content. If your services are excellent, but the quality of the material isn’t, you won’t get many visitors. However, if your services aren’t excellent but the quality of the website is then you will get a tremendous amount of traffic, but still the rank of your site won’t improve because people always leave negative reviews for services.

Role of Keywords in SERPs


The best way to improve your sites rank is by using keyword enriched metas, and the domain name would be a plus. If your primary keyword is in the domain name, it will get easier for Google to understand the relation between the content and the domain of your site. After this, comes the quality of the content but more importantly, what matters is the length of the article you post on your site. These posts if are too lengthy no one will read unless they find it appealing because it will make it boring and people will start looking for the content elsewhere.

The Bottom Line

On page SEO is more important than off page, the reason is people are going to search for what you are going to write in the content of your site. If on page SEO isn’t related or doesn’t contain updated material then there is no way of achieving good traffic followed by a better rank.

Free tools that can help you in this matter are present in text analysis tools, keyword planning tools, and website management tools. SER offers all the necessary services for the ranking of a website, and a good quality site takes typically three to six months to rank well so use these tools to find the results of your efforts with the passage of time. Good luck!