Keyword Density Checker

Content matters, and not just from user perspective but also from a search engine point of view. From the type of words to how and where they are used in the content of a web page; each and everything plays an important part in influencing the value of the page in search engine results. To get a clear idea of Keyword Density Checker; first, it’s important to know what is keyword density. Keyword density is the percentage measurement of how many number of times a particular keyword or phrase appears in the content as compared to the total number of words in the web content.

Keyword Density Checker is the keyword density tool that comes to the rescue of webmasters and SEO professionals, as it helps in keyword density analysis of their webpages. We all know how important is SEO for a website, and for SEO, density of keywords is very important. Keyword density checker or keyword density calculator or keyword density analyzer tool, crawls through the given URL and extracts the text as a search engine would do to perform the keyword density check.

A free keyword density analyzer tool from Search Engine Reports, allows you to run a keyword density check for your content. Keyword density analyzer or keyword density tool is important and very useful to users in refining the keyword distribution within their content.

When used with the right strategies, tools like keyword density checker also known as keyword density analyzer or keyword density calculator become quite valuable for SEO purpose.

You can use a keyword density analyzer for various reasons, such as:

  • Keyword density calculator can help you look at competitor sites and discover some quality keywords that you can use in your web page content.
  • It can also help you to check if your page is out of synchronization with top ranked web pages.
  • You can use a Google keyword density tool to determine if a content writer is writing naturally or if there is excess repetition.
  • Using a free keyword density analyzer, you can also compare different pages side by side.

What is the best keyword density or optimal keyword density is that one question that every person involved in SEO comes across at least once.

There isn’t any best or optimal keyword density yet which has been defined for better ranking. However, 1-3% of density along with the LSI keywords and semantic keywords is what works best for most SEO experts.

Google highly recommends the natural articles. As mentioned above, there is no ideal density but citing your keywords in natural places is considered to be the best approach. How to find density is not an issue as numerous keyword density calculators are available on internet which you can use. It’s good to keep your density around 1.5% to 2%.

Using our free keyword density analyzer will not help you in fixing your errors, but it does make it easier by identifying the mistakes, so you can correct them with appropriate strategies. What makes our keyword density checker unique is that other than being free, it also is very convenient to use. You just have to enter a URL or copy and paste your text or article and choose the number of keywords per phrase; results will be displayed immediately. In a matter of seconds, you will be able to see both the count and density, starting with the most frequently used keywords or phrases.

You must consider that all SEO elements, especially density, should always take a back seat to quality. If there is no quality content then all your SEO efforts are likely to go in vain because interesting and informative pages are what audience look for. They also have high chances of sustaining a better presence in search engine results.

Nonetheless, it is just as important to use a quality keyword density checker, in order to avoid under-optimizing or over-optimizing pages. While there are no outlined guidelines for Google keyword density, you should always keep your primary keywords between 2 - 3% and secondary keywords between 1 - 2%

Enjoy using this handy yet simply Keyword Density Checker!