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Usage of the internet has now become a vital part of numerous individual lives. They use internet on a number of devices like;

  • Smart TVs
  • Smartphones
  • Tablets
  • Laptops
  • Computers

All of the aforementioned devices should be connected to the internet in order to work continuously and smoothly. Smart TVs and phones connected to internet thru Wi-Fi or cellular service providers. All other devices require high-speed internet connections, and the service is provided by ISPs generally known as Internet Service Provider.

The speed provided by ISPs solely depends upon technology utilized by ISPs that offer this service. In case they provide fibre optic internet connection, the speed will be much fast. Copper-wire and cable connections will be considerably slower. In a few areas, a combination is utilized by ISPs in providing connections to the internet. A few ISPs will offer fibre optic to Wi-Fi device as well. This Wi-Fi bandwidth is shared amongst different devices. Other internet service providers have fibre optic connection boxes. Through these boxes, they provide internet connection via copper wire lines which are utilized for telephonic connections. Cable operators provide internet connections making use of their own network's cabling mechanism.

The use of internet has observed a considerable increase in past few decades. In order to meet this increased demand, both ISPs and cell phone service providers have to find modern technologies to provide super-fast internet connections to individuals. There is scores of competition amongst ISPs to provide best quality speed and service to users. A few cities in Europe and USA provide 2GBps internet connection speed to users. Offering high-speed internet service needs sufficient amount of investment by ISPs which they are obliged to do if they want to endure in business. A few governments are also benefiting thru selling high-speed internet connectivity licenses.

Nowadays, there is loads of discussion regarding internet speed test and the ultimate cause for this is that internet has revolutionized the way individuals interact with each other, view entertainment, play games; listen to music as well as work. The ultimate question on each and every individual’s mind is; 'what is a good internet speed and how to check my internet speed.' Though how can we determine how much speed do we actually require? You can take help from a speed test tool, but what does it actually convey to you, and how valuable is the information that you attain from it. There are a number of broadband speed test providers like; Comcast speed test online, speed checker Ookla, Verizon speed testing etc.

A typical network speed test will notify you; download speed, ping, uploading speed and some speed test tool provide other information. Whenever an internet service provider (ISP) provides you with a network connection, they will notify your download speed that they will actually provide you or assures to provide you. You can check for internet speed through running “check my internet speed” test tool.

Prior we examine the speed needed to support all devices that are making use of the internet within our homes, like game consoles, TV receivers and other devices. We should understand internet terminology.

Streaming: This is a kind of download, though it's not saved on a device. Whenever you watch a movie on YouTube or Netflix, it streams the movie to your device from another storage device positioned somewhere else. You only require a particular amount of bandwidth in order to watch a movie without it buffering and stopping throughout the play. You don’t need to download a video in order to watch it.

Downloading: Download is basically known as the transfer of data from one place to your particular device. Downloading requires more bandwidth in comparison with streaming. You download games, applications, emails, files etc. and store them on to your device.

Uploading: Upload is a reverse for download. Though in the download process, a file from another device is downloaded on to your device, in uploading process, you transmit a file from your device to a new device.

You should check for a service level of your internet service provider account. You need to make certain you are getting internet speed that you are thought to get. A proficient speed test tool will substantiate if you are getting promised internet speed. Three data items displayed in many speed tests are:

Ping: It reflects the expectancy in a system network. In simple words, it indicates the delay prior data can be transmitted amongst two computers. While you run to test my internet speed test, it endeavours hard to look for a server which takes the minimum amount of time to respond to data exchange call. After, it establishes a connection the time engaged in doing so is presented as ping timing in milliseconds.

Download Speed: This test requires the server to transfer data crossways and clocks time it takes for data samples to be transmitted. The average time is presented as downloading speed, which is shown in Mbps.

Upload Speed: This test transmits sample data to a server and computes time it consumes for data to reach its respective destination. It is exhibited as downloading speed shown in Mbps.

In order to run speed testing tool, you can go to on your web browser, Press 'Start Test' icon, and it will execute the test. Once the test is done it will show; average, maximum, minimum upload and download speeds. It’s an extremely convenient and simple tool to utilize. You should test internet speed intermittently to make sure you are getting promised amount of speed from ISP.

It is a common question that is asked by users. This question differs like; what is a good internet connection speed for gaming purpose? What is a good speed for streaming purpose? The ultimate answer to these questions varies. Bandwidth for gaming is approx.150Mb per hour. In accordance with Netflix, you need .7 Mbps to 5.3 Mbps in order to stream movies. Music streaming needs lesser bandwidth. Whilst you know bandwidth that is used up, you can estimation what a good internet connection speed that you want to support your future and current internet prerequisites is.