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The SEO community has been engaged in a continuous debate over the importance of backlinks. This debate was triggered when the SEO community discovered that the ranking given by Google and other search engines to pages that had relevant and authoritative backlinks was high. Every website needs backlink maker.

The reason for this is that Google and other search engines like websites that have authority and relevance and links to similar websites. There are several options for getting links to your website. Should you decide to select and use a backlink maker, never choose a backlink maker from the internet that offers free 1000 backlinks? Such sites may get you thousands of links but could also cause your website to get penalized.

Simply speaking a website mentioning another website and linking to it is a backlink. For example, when we open any page in Wikipedia we come across backlinks. A backlink has to be a clickable link and not a URL address. For example will not be registered by search engines as a backlink. An underlined Dawn will be considered a backlink. Backlinks are visible as they have a different color and are underlined.

In the early days you could create a website, but finding sites to link your website with was a time consuming and arduous task. Realizing that Google and other search engines were using backlinks to rank websites, fake backlink providers appeared and eagerly offered their services for creating backlinks. Website managers who used these services discovered to their horror that the thousands of backlinks generated were fake.

Google and other search engines discovered this scam and started qualifying backlinks. They started penalizing websites with spam links. Smart website managers should avoid sites that offer thousands of free links like: 2500 backlinks; 1000 free backlinks; or 2000 backlink generator. Search engines refuse to index websites that has spurious or suspicious links. Yes, websites that have used these channels to create backlinks have been penalized by Google.

Google likes backlinks and to a certain extent relies on them in ranking a website. However, remember it's just one of the metrics used among over 200 to rank a website. All search engines need to find a standard against which to rank websites in a certain group.

If you searched for US newspapers Google would return pages of the top ranked newspaper sites. But how did it rank them? The more visitors that read an online newspaper, the higher will be its ranking. The more news sources it has (links), the higher its authority.

Among other factors Google counts the links and attributes values to them. The valuation of links is a complex process and no one knows exactly how Google rates them. The rules are quite simple. If you live in a good neighborhood you are expected to be a good law abiding citizen. If your neighbors speak highly of you, the more respect you get in society. The same rule is used by Google when it ranks websites.

Yes, backlinks are important for your website. But you need useful and not useless and harmful links. Websites that follow the acronym ART will be ranked higher:

  • Authority
  • Relevance
  • Trust

Links to popular and well established websites are highly rated by search engines.

For example if your website describes how to boost the performance of a Mini Cooper it may be liked by car enthusiasts and they create link to your site. This will boost your website but not to the extent as should a well known car news site create a backlink to your site. It will increase your website's ranking. Why? Because Google likes links to highly ranked sites, and the sports car news site has authority, relevance and trust. The factors that search engines look for when indexing websites.

You must check your competitors' links. They are your direct competition in the internet market. Check up the ladder from your website as they have better ranking. If you come across quality and authoritative links examine the website and see how they have got these highly ranked links. It would be a good idea for you to incorporate some of their practices into your site to improve your ranking.

The higher up the ranking ladder you look, the more information you will get about your competitors. This exercise will help you in creating your own links.

There are several ways of creating quality backlinks:

  • You can buy quality backlinks
  • Get free backlinks
  • Learn how to create backlinks manually
  • Find backlinks
  • Write guest blog posts on popular blog sites and work a link into your blog back to your site.
  • Write and submit press releases to local and national media or web based PR sites.
  • Add social sharing tools to your website.
  • Use a quality backlink maker tool like the one offered by

Any backlink provider that offers 1000 free backlinks should be avoided. Why would your site which for example sells the best donuts in Nevada need 1000 links that have no relevance to Nevada or bakery products. Therefore don’t fall for any free deals. Yes, creating quality backlinks requires patience and time. If you can't write blog posts or press releases for other sites then your choices are limited. If you have friends working in the industry and their websites are highly ranked. You could cajole them to create links to your site. But remember the links should be relevant to your site.

If you don't have these options then your only choice will be to seek a quality site like and use their backlink maker tool. Once you have used this tool to create backlinks don't expect immediate results. backlink maker also displays the links it has created. It's your choice whether you want to retain all of them or delete some.

If you expect the ranking of your website to rocket overnight it won't. The reason is search engines are busy engines and engaged in numerous tasks. Whenever Google, Yahoo or Bing decide to reevaluate your website and check your links it will. If you see a boost in your websites ranking a few days later you will know that your site has been reevaluated. Using backlink maker is a safe SEO tool and will get your website quality links.